Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Comparison Chart Toshiba Excite X10 vs. Toshiba Thrive 10.1-inch

Toshiba Excite X10 vs. Toshiba Thrive 10.1-inch came to show their strength. This is perbsndingan brother who came from Toshiba products. Toshiba has made a big leap on the tablet design. All you have to do is take a quick look at the Toshiba Thrive 10.1, Äù and Excite X10 same time and you, Äôll easily see the difference and the relevant changes. Increased form factor, much more stylish and very light and thin tablets. Actually, Toshiba Excite X10 is the thinnest Android tablet presented this year at CES 2012. They come from the same pprodsen, but Are the two tablets have in common, or they have a lot of difference what the main differences between them?

AOT focused a lot on Thrive, AOS see that this is a good tablet and functional Android was released last year in July. Equipped with a standard specification for Honeycomb tablets, as Toshiba, AOS notebooks, tablet also has a large array of ports available: full USB, HDMI, mini-USB or SD card slot. The back cover can be removed and replaced up to five other colors, including the battery replaced as well.

AOS tablet with decent specs good technology, but design is not attractive, feel great and cheap. In addition, heavier than the Excite X10 and other tablets available in the market. If you can skip the aesthetic, Toshiba 10.1 Thrive, Äù actually a good tablet with dual camera, dual core processor and 1GB of RAM, three storage options: 8/16/32GB with the opportunity to expand the standard memory. It runs Android 3.1.

Excite X10 is a beautiful tablet with aluminum alloy on the back plus a sleek design and lightweight, weighing only 535 grams and has a 7.7mm at the thickest point. In contrast to Forward, it’s only two storage models are available with 16 and 32GB which can be expanded via microSD card slot plus a good number of ports as well. When will be released, Excite X10 will come with Android 3.2 will be updated with Honeycomb Ice Cream Sandwich.


If you see a comparison of the above, then the Toshiba Tablet version of the Excite X10 is clearly better than the Thrive. First, the design has been greatly enhanced and not only they have made thin and light tablet, but thinner and lighter in the tablet is currently available on the market. There are also improvements on a 1.2GHz processor and overclock the chipset change from Nvidia Tegra 2 for TI OMAP 4430. Excite X10 tablet definitely impress you win, AOT forget easily. And before you leave the article is to give your comments about the Toshiba Excite X10 vs. Toshiba Thrive 10.1-inch


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